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This is my game – Hear our nominees talk

28. January 2017
20:30  -  21:30
Main Exhibition
2017_01_23-God_is_a_Cube-Ant_Attack.pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint-20h08m31sAfter playing all the nominated games, why not hear what their creators have to say? Drop by to hear new-found insights, overcome challenges and the idea behind some of the nominated games, right from their developers. Each talk will last roughly 5 minutes.
Confirmed so far (list is updated as more info comes in):
  1. Marc Kruzik from «God is a Cube» on how Ant Attack helped him design small isometric 3D levels
  2. Stefan Hell from «Ellipsis» about the challenge of designing an intuitive game with no text
  3. CANCELED  Henry Hoffman from «Hue» about adding colourblind support to a game about colour
  4. François Aillot from «Reigns» about two very special events at both ends of the development: The pitch and the release
  5. Elizabeth Maler from «A Normal Lost Phone» about its journey from global game jam prototype to published game
  6. Andrei Olaru from «Interrogation» about how it’s like to build a game in a team in which only one person is a programmer
  7. Yannick Gerometta from «Fresco» about why and how to make a puzzle game accessible
  8. Tobias Forsling from «Lance a Lot» about something interesting