Nintendo Labo Workshop

2. February 2019
10:00  -  17:00
Voice and Music

Nintendo Labo

This is a drop-session at Ludicious on Saturday 2. Feb. To access the venue, visitors will require to purchase an exhibition wristband (20 CHF, cash or card accepted) at the festival infopoint. Wristbands can only be purchased at the festival.

You do not need to bring your Nintendo Switch; all equipment is supplied!

The Nintendo Labo Workshop is a special event where children, parents, media and influencers can build, play and discover Nintendo Labo together. Imagine you could make all kinds of things out of a simple piece of cardboard:
a motorcycle,
a fishing rod
or even a piano
– whatever you can imagine!

Then use your Nintendo Switch console to bring your creations to life!

Win a race,
catch some fish,
play a song…

With Nintendo Labo, anyone can build, play and discover in no time at all. You’ll learn how each Toy-Con model works, and maybe even invent your own ways to play with your Toy-Con!

Find out more at:

Nintendo Labo