XR, Games and Health

31. January 2019
12:30  -  13:00
Alte Kaserne
There has been much press coverage over the years claiming games are bad for us – but less attention paid to the positive things games can do.  Aside from entertaining us, recent years have seen more and more examples of how games can improve health, train doctors and nurses, and even directly treat problems like PTSD, phobias, ADHD and depression.  Interfaces often include unusual devices like Kinect, Leap Motion, Muse (eeg), and increasingly VR and AR headsets, sometimes with additional sensors built in.  This talk will give an overview of some of the more dramatic and proven examples of these games, and talk about the future of this relatively new field.


This session is a part of the summit “Game Technology: Innovative Modes of Game Interaction” , which is co-curated between ETH Game Technology Lab and Ludicious Zürich Game Festival.