Opening Words: «Interactive Experiences: A Playful Reflection on Society» a summit hosted by ZHdK Game Design

31. January 2019
14:00  -  14:10
Alte Kaserne

The conference “«Interactive Experiences: A Playful Reflection on Society»“ will take place in the afternoon of Thursday January 31st 2019. It will be curated and hosted by the Subject Area in Game Design of the Zurich University of the Arts in cooperation with Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival.  The conference addresses game designers, artists, and creative professionals. We want to discuss the possibilities, and challenges of implementing socially relevant topics in games. What kind of strategies or design methods enable us to formulate criticism and protest, and help us to overcome digital stereotypes and biases? How can games integrate social criticism not only in their narratives but also in their mechanics and gameplay?

Contacts of the organizers:

Prof. Ulrich Götz | Maike Thies | Florian Faller

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