Reality has the best graphics – (Real Life) Game Design moderating social interaction.

31. January 2019
14:40  -  15:00
Alte Kaserne

Machina eX makes Real Life Games. Sometimes Live Escape Rooms, but with live performers and a proper plot line. Sometimes theatrically upgraded LAN parties, at which the audience is playing the role of click workers hunting fascists on the web. Sometimes there’s a robot calling you on your cell phone and sending you and some friends on a quest through a remote village looking for clues.
While designing games in real life environments has its quirks, it provides the game designers one major opportunity: studying the players of every single game session and reacting dynamically to their style of behaviour. It is like a never ending testing phase.

Game design can be seen as a set of tools for moderating human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions. Working on the edge of “digital” and “meat” space provides us a great way to learn about human behaviour in rule-based social situations.


This session is part of the summit “INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES. A PLAYFUL REFLECTION ON SOCIETY”, curated by ZHdK Subject Area of Gamedesign in collaboration with Ludicious Zürich Game Festival.