PYP: Polish Your Prototype

1. February 2019
13:30  -  14:00
Stage 2

A lot of us indie game developers start a new game by jamming up a scene with quick & dirty assets to get to the core gameplay and mechanics. Or at least we should.

Because every game should evolve around good gameplay, and be in a state of fast and constant play testing.

Whether we use assets ripped off the internet, or make our own early in development, it can be time saving – but the pain arises when we want to show those early prototypes of our work to someone and it looks ugly as hell.

Or a late prototype… ’cause sometimes the said assets stick around until launch.

Julie Heyde will boot up such a prototype in Unity, and share tips & tricks on how to make a scene look #SoPretty or at least consistent in 20 minutes – all without leaving Unity.