How to Build a Healthy, Happy Game

1. February 2019
16:00  -  16:45
Alte Kaserne

Even in 2019, it’s still a challenge to find the best way to manage a game project, because of the limitations on time and money that we all inevitably face. It’s a challenge that game designer Richard Lemarchand (Uncharted, Soul Reaver) has been tackling for more than two decades. Now that he teaches budding Californian game designers in the USC Games program, the challenge is more important to him than ever, as he seeks to give young developers good processes that will lead to the best outcomes, both in terms of the quality of their finished games, and in terms of the physical and mental health of their teams. Luckily, Richard has some answers—and they’re simpler and more effective than you might think. Join him for a lighting-fast tour of the best production practices from Naughty Dog and USC, and leave with a bag of tips, tools and attitudes that will help you make better games in a healthy style.