Swiss Made Games League eSports Final: Retimed League

2. February 2019
19:00  -  21:00
Stage 2
Swiss Made Games League eSports Final: Retimed, by Maniax Games
Date: Saturday, 2. February 2019
Time: 19:00  –  21:00
Location: Stage 2, Ludicious Festival, Kaserneareal Zürich 8004
Entry: Exhibition Wristband 20CHF on door (allows access for the whole Friday and Saturday to expo too), conference pass holders get free entry


Live @ Ludicious: the culmination of a year – long tournament of amazing Swiss multiplayer game Retimed, made by Maniax Games. The live Retimed finals are organised by the Swiss Made Games League, an initiative of the Swiss eSports Federation.

It goes without saying on behalf of Ludicious and the Swiss Made Games League we would like to thank everyone who makes this event possible, with special thanks to Swisscom for providing us with a powerful internet and WLAN connection across the entire festival site.


Come and cheer on our players as they battle it out at Stage 2. The winner will receive a bitcoin, thanks to Bity!



Retimed is a local multiplayer arena shooter for 2-4 players. When a player is in danger, time slows down and a time is created around the player.