Panel: SwissGames 2029: A Future of Opportunities and Challenges

1. January 2019
16:45  -  17:30
Alte Kaserne

Today, Switzerland has core-assets within the game industry with its
high-tech and innovation proficiency, along with the potential in the
artistic dimension of games. More than 100 Swiss games have been
collecting international recognition for the quality of their design
and art, studios are winning major prices and best-sellers are coming out of Switzerland.
But despite all the progress in economics to date, there is a long way to go
- and also strengths to be conserved while going there. This
 panel of industry leaders and experts from Finland, Canada, the US and Switzerland will discuss the possible steps to take to accelerate the maturity and
growth of the Swiss games ecosystem between business, technology and art.

Moderated by Jason Della Rocca