Moderated screening: The demoscene: self limitation as artistic expression (Moderated Screening)

2. February 2019
21:00  -  22:00

Grab a drink and get impressed by the audievisual exzellence of the demoscene: Tobias Heim will bring you a demoscene selection, showing some of the recent beauties produced in 64kiloByte or 4 kiloByte of code and demos which are breaking barriers of the possible on ancient or arcane platforms like the C64, Amiga or on Embedded Systems.

Watch a relaxed tour of the different platforms conquered and listen to a moderated screening about aspirations the demoscene has been striving for in the last decades of producing visual coding extravaganza.

No previous knowledge required, except an interest in audiovisual synaesthetic fun.

(And if you don´t know of the demoscene yet, above are some examples our festival director Tobias Kopka (also an old-time demoscener), which he covered two years ago for an article about the demoscene for Stiftung Digitale Spielkultur. The article is centering about the competitive and community approach of the demoscene (in German only).

Tobias Heim of course will show the newest examples of this movement, focussing on what happened in recent years!

With friendly support by Digitale Kultur e.V. (Köln) and Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur (Bern).