André Bernhardt

André Bernhardt is member of the german games industry since 16 years and worked on online and offline as well as mobile and console titles.

In the beginning of his career he was part of the classical boxed console and PC-games business with the release of the Playstation 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment. Afterwards he was working at german publishers like JoWood and Sunflowers before moving to Cologne.

There he joined RTL Games and focused on “next-gen” console publishing (PS3, X360, Wii, DS, etc.).

A bit lately he discovered the F2P-revolution in 2009 and joined Travian Games in Munich.

Due to his love to innovative “indie” games he left Travian in 2012 and started working as a freelance agent called Indie Advisor. He is supporting developers to find a publisher and vice versa while teaching as guest lecturer at different universities like the MD.H Berlin and FH Salzburg or holding lectures at games conferences.