Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu is an award winning sci-fi and fantasy artist in the interactive entertainment industry. Born and raised in Cluj, the capital of Transylvania (Romania), Daniel studied art, architecture and industrial design, earning his degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in his home town in 1982. He started his career as a product designer, then moved on to teaching at the same school. He relocated to the US in 1990 and he has lived in the Seattle area for over 26 years. After briefly working as a toy designer, he took an opportunity to break into the video games industry. He has held art director roles for Square, Zipper Interactive, Electronic Arts, Studio AD for Arenanet, chief Art Director for NCsoft West.

He is currently overseeing visual development across all development teams under the Amazon Game Studios umbrella, in a Director of Art capacity.

In his spare time Daniel is a prolific freelance artist, contributing to numerous publications, advertising, film and speaking engagements world-wide.


Company: Amazon Game Studios