Geraint Bungay

“G” as he prefers to be known is a veteran of the games industry with over 2 decades of experience, he will tell you he had hair before he started working in games! Head of Games at ICL Fujitsu. Former Sales & Marketing Director at BarrysWorld, Europes largest online games services. Head of Games at BT where he launched the Games on Demand services to coincide with the roll out of Broadband across the UK. He was responsible for the development of Manchester United’s first ever mobile game. Senior Producer at King where managed the development of AlphaBetty. Executive Producer at Megazebra Munich. Senior Producer at Inspired in Birmingham UK.  Now settled in Lugano Switzerland he is Director of Games for Sgame Pro, the soon to be launched Worlds first Mobile gaming platform to be powered by cryptocurrency, which he describes as “the natural evolution for the mobile games space opening up massive potential for developers and players alike”.
Company: Sgame Pro
Sgame Pro™️ is a mobile games publisher and aggregator where players mine crypto-tokens while playing their favorite games. With almost 20% year-on-year growth, the global mobile gaming market stands out as a huge opportunity for new business models and integrated payment solutions ranging from subscriptions fee, pay-per-play, in-app purchase (IAP), royalty to premium account, upgrade remunerations and advertising in app (ADV). Mobile gaming remains the stand out segment of the overall gaming market which itself is forecast to grow to $142bn by 2020. Sgame Pro™️ will provide an unprecedented and engaging user experience to players, a new revenue stream for game publishers and influencers, and an easy and cost-effective way for merchants to promote products online via a marketplace and special offers sections, where gamers can spend the crypto tokens on digital goods.


1. February 2019
Stage 2
14:00  -  14:30