Marte Roel

BeAnotherLab is an interdisciplinary multinational group dedicated to understanding, communicating and expanding subjective experience; focusing their work in understanding the relationship between identity and empathy from an embodied perspective. Since 2012 the group uses virtual reality and techniques derived from neuroscientific research in developing innovative applications in art, scientific research, social projects, healthcare and education, putting a strong emphasis in the impact of their work in people’s lives. Their work is based on an inclusive distributed model of action-research and collaborative design methods. Their work has been presented in over 25 countries, having held collaborations with institutions such as MIT, the Max Planck Institute, and Université Paris Descartes between multiple others. They have been awarded by Ars Electronica (2014), Laval Virtual (2014), FastCo Design (2014), the European Network of Innovations in Culture and Creativity (2015), the European Social Innovation Competition (2016), between multiple others.