Paul Hanraets

Paul M. Hanraets is a video game executive and co-founder of Good Shepherd  Entertainment (previously Gambitious) Good Shepherd is an Amsterdam based video game publisher and is affiliated with indie publisher Devolver Digital. Good Shepherd was founded to help independent game developers fund their games and to offer them professional, developer-friendly publishing services such as production, marketing, and distribution support. Good Shepherd utilizes an evolving set of crowd finance tools and techniques in order to raise funds from a private network of accredited investors worldwide. Prior to Good Shepherd  Paul managed a media agency specialized in video and computer games and produced a TV show, a game magazine, and Benelux largest consumer game event.


Company: Good Shepherd
Good Shepherd is a Netherlands-based video game publisher and has a global team of industry experts focusing primarily on the business of producing and publishing independent video games. At Good Shepherd we believe strongly that the best way to do consistently good business in this space is to trust and respect the game creators enough to defer to them in all matters of creative control, including marketing and public relations work, and to keep the IP ownership in the hands of the developers that created it.