Vesa Raudasoja

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Vesa Raudasoja is a game consultant and community developer based in Finland. Passionate about game and community development, his career covers more than decade in international collaborations, community building, and grass roots efforts in helping people get involved in games. He has been a leader with IGDA Finland for more than 10 years and help grow the organization into one of IGDA’s flagship chapters with more than 1100 members and 10 hubs. In 2016, he became the second person outside of North America to be elected to IGDA Board of Directors. In 2016, after a mandatory year hiatus, he returned to the board of IGDA Finland as chairman. He believes in building and empowering small teams, be they IGDA Finland hubs or independent developers. He is a board member and evangelist with the Finnish Game Jam. He is currently working in game business development on a joint project with Cursor and the Playa Game Industry Hub consulting game teams in the Nordic and Baltic countries. IGDA Finland awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.