31. Jan – 3. Feb 2019 – Zürich, Switzerland

Special Events at Ludicious19

Mentor Lounge 2019

Ludicious has a unique blend of knowledge exchange between designers, artists, business leaders, scientists, technologists, and students. It is a place to converse, to explore new ideas around the core subject of game design and take next steps in business things. To this end we arrange a diverse selection of in-depth workshops and roundtables. See below for event descriptions, and check the conference program to see times and venues. 

All workshops take place onsite during the festival, but you should plan in 10 mins to find your way to the right venue room. Many of the workshops or competitions require pre-registration, and are open to holders of a festival pass at no additional cost.

LED Game Hardware Workshop, With Robin Baumgarten


Attendees must register, space is limited to 20 places

Register now at: https://goo.gl/forms/esxzTe3EXIvdF9hn1

We’re going to build tiny experimental hardware games that run on LED strips, using sensors of your choice! No previous hardware knowledge required, but programming knowledge is helpful, we’re going to be using Python. Bring your own laptop, we’ll provide everything else!


Mentor Lounge – with Jillian Mood

Mentor Lounge

CGX is super proud to be heading once again to Ludicious to run a Mentor Lounge! The event takes place at the conference on Saturday, February 2nd 2019, from 11 – 13.30 and is hosted by Jillian Mood.

At the Mentor Lounge leaders/speakers/experts will be giving one on one advice in all areas of game development across leadership, tech, creative, and industry initiatives (all the things!)

Interested in giving back and helping change lives? Apply to be a mentor!

Interested in asking experts questions on your game, career and strategy? Apply to be a mentee!

Mentors Apply:


Mentee’s Apply:


Check out past events, videos, testimonials and mentors here:


Voice Over Recording: Masterclass

Mark Estdale

Run by Mark Estdale of OM

Attendees must register, space is limited!

Register now at: https://goo.gl/forms/dy0C7MQI1P2SBJaC2

This immersive and hands-on session will be tailored to the needs of the audience and cover best practice voice recording for games. From script and casting methods, to recording and post production.

The session will also introduce the logic and philosophy behind OM’s Creative Dialogue Tools and the Game Immersive Voice Recording method.

About Mark Estdale: Mark is Dialogue Director and Founder of OM London & Los Angeles. He is known for his work with developers and actors, casting and recording well over 10,000 characters for games. From The Witcher and Broken Sword, to Game of Thrones and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Submit to the Nordic Game Discovery Contest

If you are attending Ludicious 2019, whether you are exhibiting or not, you are eligible to apply to the Nordic Discovery contest. Ten selected teams will pitch their game on the Ludicious stage in order to win a place in the Grand Finals (NGDC Season III): Nordic Game 2019, 22-24 May in Malmö, Sweden. Hurry, the deadline is soon approaching!

Nordic Game Discovery Contest

Nordic Game Discovery Contest 2019

Nordic Game Discovery Contest Season III

Building on fifteen years of organising successful games industry activities, including the annual Nordic Game conference and exhibition, regional funding programs, overseas networking events and other developer support initiatives, we introduced the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) in 2016 – an exciting, competitive challenge where selected game projects are showcased live in pitch competitions at partner events across Europe.

Now in our third season, we’re introducing a new and unique contest format – instead of just pitching a game the traditional way, contestants compete live onstage in an entertaining round-based battle for points. Submit your game right here:


Deadline is 22 January!

Nordic Game Discovery Contest 2019

Contest format & rules:

A) The contestants chosen through the submission process will meet on-stage in a live contest, divided in to the following rounds:

Intro Round: Each contestant has to present themselves and their game.

Game Round: Each contestant has to answer questions from the judges about the presented game. These can be technical, about the gameplay, or even personal.
i. “What is most unique about your game”?
ii. “What are you inspired by”?
iii. “What part of yourself has been put into the game”?

Reality Round: Contestants answer questions about the realities surrounding the game. These can be about economics, but also personal about yourself and your team.
i. “What is your biggest strength as a team?” (objective),
ii. “What is your biggest strength as a team”? (slightly personal),
iii. “What are your biggest dreams for your studio?” (very personal)

Final Chance Round: Contestants show a final piece of material in a last effort to sway the judges. Any material (per-prepared) may be show on screen (images, videos, GIF, screen dumps etc.) after which the audience is asked to cheer.

B) After each round, the judges will give points to the contestant who made the best impression. After the final round, a winner is found and celebrated.

C) As part of entering the competition contestants have to submit the following material via the submission form:
Game logo – A postcard format logo. Used in presentation and on printed voting cards.
“Behind the scenes” video – A 30-second mobile phone camera “studio tour” (e.g. walk through studio and wave at people, filming interesting stuff while talking).
Game Trailer – A 30 second trailer showing in-game footage from the game in development.
“Final Chance” Material – One (1) piece of material (gif, video, screenshots, art etc.) used for showcasing the game in the final round, and a last chance of swaying the judges. Maximum length 30 seconds.

Important notes
The judges will look at the material submitted by the contestants, so be sure that you cover the basics there, such as: What’s the concept or purpose of the game? Which features make your game unique? What’s your game’s business model, and why?

Also make sure to deliver all the basic, “hard facts” about your game, like format, present development state, control method, USP etc.

On-stage, the judges will look at your stage performance, how you present your game, and they will ask you questions based on the material submitted.

vNordic Game Discovery Contest 2019


To apply, complete the following application form and send it to us at Nordic Game:


Deadline is 22 January!

A) The application form must be used and submitted in English.
B) No parts of the form may be removed or reformatted.
C) The application must be submitted to Nordic Game before the given deadline.
D) The applicant must own or control the intellectual property rights to the game submitted.
E) You will receive a confirmation email one week prior to the event if you’ve made the cut.

Important notes:
Games on any platform, developed by any company or single person can participate, but:

Only one person can go on stage and participate in the contest.
You must have a working demo of your game to show.
No illegal or plagiarized content in your game (such as trademarked content, etc.).
Your company is financially stable (no threat of liquidation or bankruptcy exists).

All submitted projects will be reviewed. The selected projects will be informed directly in the weeks following the application deadline, including further instructions regarding the event.

Good luck!

Nordic Game Discovery Contest 2019


NGDC Background

NGDC partners with regional games industry events across Europe (and abroad) throughout the year to discover the most promising games with the best potential for becoming global hits. These “qualifying round” winners go on to compete for “Game of the Year” in the NGDC Finals at the Nordic Game conference, next year on 22-24 May in Malmö, Sweden.

Developers, why should you participate?
With thousands of new titles released each year, the competition to get noticed is fiercer than ever. Joining the NGDC gives you a shot at getting your game discovered. Just by submitting your game to the contest, a string of experts – publishers, investors, journalists, prominent game designers and other industry profiles – will see your work. Should your team be chosen to pitch live on-stage, you’ll be sure to attract the attention of industry professionals in the audience as well.

In both the NGDC qualifiers and finals, you’ll pitch your game to an expert jury on stage before a live audience. In an exciting, and new for NGDC Season III, round-based format, you will compete live against three other contestants, presenting your game and answering questions from the jury. If you can beat your opponents and rack-up the biggest score, you’ll be declared winner of the qualifying round – and go on to the NGDC Finals at NG19 next May. If you take the final “Game of the Year” award in Malmö, you’ll also win some nice prizes and extend your visibility globally.

For developers not able to join events on the NGDC tour, a number of wildcards will once again be chosen through an online submission process (details for NGDC Season III to be announced).

Qualifiers: At partner events across Europe (see preliminary NGDC Season III tour schedule below, more qualifiers to be announced).

Grand Finals (NGDC Season III): Nordic Game 2019, 22-24 May in Malmö, Sweden

Are you developing, or have you already developed a game that deserves more attention than it’s received so far? Are you attending one of the events on the NGDC Tour? If so, submit your game, and prepare to go on stage for a qualifying round – and maybe all the way to the NGDC Finals!

Get your game discovered
As a finalist, a shot at some great prizes
Meet potential partners and investors among the companies following the contest
2 full conference passes for NG19
Unlimited access to the NG19 MeetToMatch system
A complimentary table in the NGDC Season III Finalists Expo at NG19 (22-24 May)

Nordic Game Discovery Contest

SMGL Final: Retimed

Swiss Made Games League eSports Final: Retimed, by Maniax Games
Date: Saturday, 2. February 2019
Time: 19:00  –  21:00
Location: Stage 2, Ludicious Festival, Kaserneareal Zürich 8004
Entry: Exhibition Wristband 20CHF on door, conference pass holders get free entry


Live @ Ludicious: the culmination of a year – long tournament of amazing Swiss multiplayer game Retimed, made by Maniax Games. The live Retimed finals are organised by the Swiss Made Games League, an initiative of the Swiss eSports Federation.

It goes without saying on behalf of Ludicious and the Swiss Made Games League we would like to thank everyone who makes this event possible, with special thanks to Swisscom for providing us with a powerful internet and WLAN connection across the entire festival site.


Come and cheer on our players as they battle it out at Stage 2. The winner will receive a bitcoin, thanks to Bity!



Retimed is a local multiplayer arena shooter for 2-4 players. When a player is in danger, time slows down and a time is created around the player.

Enjoy a night time street tour of Zürich


Zürich at Night


Start Point: Ludicious Bar, Onsite at Festival

Date: Friday, 1 February 2019

Time: Meet at 18.45, Depart 19.00

Price: Free to conference visitors, no registration required 

Language: In English and German


What do Einstein, James Joyce and Wagner have in common? All three were enthusiastic residents of Zurich. Not only big minds had a fascination for the water city with its intact old town, people from all over the world have always flowed into the pulsating metropolis. The search for clues takes around two hours to walk through the old town with its hidden alleys, corners and oases. This popular tour is equally exciting for guests and locals alike, and contains many anecdotes to astonish and smile.

We are very grateful to our partners at Zürich Tourism https://www.zuerich.com/en

Zürich Tourism

Zürich Tourism




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