Interactive Experiences: Visual Aesthetics and the Way We Play

Conference «Interactive Experiences: Visual Aesthetics and the Way We Play»

The conference «Interactive Experiences» is curated and hosted by the Subject Area in Game Design of the Zurich University of the Arts in cooperation with Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival. It addresses game designers, artists, and creative professionals. This year’s topic «Visual Aesthetics and the Way We Play» will focus on visual art styles in contemporary game design and their impact on how we play. The goal is to show how innovative aesthetics alter the gameplay experience and generate new modes of interaction. A unique visual appearance has become a crucial factor for the publishing of any game in an increasingly competitive market. We believe, however, that the visual style can be more than merely packaging or depiction of existing game mechanics. We think that visual aesthetics can have an impact on interactive experiences and the nature of games. The conference emphasizes the impact innovative visuals can have on the creation of new forms of play and how they can expand the boundaries of the medium.

The curators:
Prof. Ulrich Götz | Florian Faller Maike Thies 


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