0°N 0°W



A cross country road trip strands you in a mysterious town lost amidst towering mesas and swaying dunes, will you beckon the glowing call of its lone storefront and embark on a fantastical multidimensional walkabout through space and time?

0°N0°W is a first person exploration game, an entirely non linear experience through multiple open worlds where everything you see is accessible. The focus is a meditative adventure suitable for all ages, with the sole objective of taking a virtual vacation in beautiful environments. It features a unique aesthetic, musical style and approach to gaming, which has been described by reviewers as “visually arresting” -Venture Beat, “completely original in an indie market flooded with homogenized art styles” -OnlySP, and a “sensory onslaught” -PCGamer.

Hardcore Gamer describes 0°N 0°W as unique; “There’s no threat or goal to distract from the experience, and the win state comes from seeing something beautiful and mysterious. Zero North Zero West is an incredible journey through unexplored worlds, packed with amazing sights rendered in a riot of color and effects, and a perfect vacation when your mind needs a getaway somewhere new.”

Game Developer: Colorfiction

Colorfiction is a video game developer currently based in Connecticut, USA. Debut title 0°N 0°W (Zero North Zero West) was released on March 1 2018, and has been critically acclaimed by the likes of PC Gamer, Venture Beat & Hardcore Gamer among others. Colorfiction enjoys investigating the interstitial zone between art and technology via the creation of audio visual software, and is currently working on ‘Ode to a Moon’, a dark magical realism tale investigating the mysterious aftermath of a grim harvest moon festival. Other releases include; ‘Nightline’, a relaxing meditation on late night commutes; ‘The Sands of Voltark’, an interactive adventure through an otherworldly planet; and ‘AGAIN’, a platformer puzzler set in a polymorphic computer simulation.