Anshar Online

Anshar Online


A virtual reality space shooter game that brings together all Oculus community players in intense and merciless online battles.

In Anshar Online, you will attempt to solve the investigation into the death of your partner – and best friend – Rush Steel, killed at the beginning of the game in an ambush of which you are the sole survivor.

You will try to uncover who ordered the ambush with the help of your ally Lady Elitas, who will guide you towards your goal.

  • Genres: Space Shooter, Arcade, Racing
  • Platforms: Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift
  • Release date: 1st May 2018
  • Multiplayer: up to 8 players in PvP deathmatch mode and up to 5 in Co-Op mode

Game Developer: OZWE Games

OZWE creates disruptive gaming interfaces that lay the foundations of new interactive systems and patterns within virtual reality.

OZWE is a major player in the growing business of VR technologies, aiming to serve its demands and lead by example.  At OZWE the research effort focuses on the invention of the next revolutionary VR gaming experience: revolutionizing the way one interacts, physically and emotionally, with breathing and evolving virtual universes. We keep on constantly improving the quality of our games and collaborate with the best research labs, high-tech companies and design agencies in Switzerland.