Phenomenology is an experiential virtual reality “game of vignettes” about the objects of perception, and about being present in our bodies. ‘Phenomenology’ is an ambient game. ‘Phenomenology’ is short philosophical tract. ‘Phenomenology’ is a piece of experimental aleatoric music. ‘Phenomenology’ is a score for a performance art piece where performer and audience are the same person. ‘Phenomenology’ is a game poem.

The game presents scenes that invite the player to slow down, to listen, and to think about what it’s like simply to look. Some use computer graphics and present abstract geometric playfully interactive worlds. Some scenes use live action “immersive video.”

‘Phenomenology’ is a “sitting down simulator.” It’s a satire on the technological limits of virtual reality, and a sincere love-letter to its artistic possibilities. It’s a tactile game, where you never touch anything. It’s a music game, where some of the music is just noise. It’s a narrative game, with no story.

Game Developer: The Minmax Group / USC Game Innovation Lab, USA

Platform: Oculus Rift