Soup Raiders

Soup Raiders

Soup Raiders is a wacky and fun tactical RPG from Team KwaKwa. You will explore a fantastical open world with ten islands, where the sea is a soup, and islands are pieces of bread!

Follow the pirate crew of the Jacktail, assembled by the ludicrous Black Whiskers, the enormous Krokoss and the mysterious White Fur. Pirates and merchants fight each other on the High Soup.

  • Fight on land and soup by controlling your pirate crew.
  • Save the Fisher family and defeat the evil Mr. Whale.
  • Explore an open world with main islands, plus smaller undiscovered islands with enemies and treasures to loot.

About Team KwaKwa: An indie game studio from Lausanne Switzerland, Team KwaKwa creates small games for game jams and larger commercial projects alike.

Platform: Nintendo Switch