ViSP – Virtual Space Port


About ViSP – Virtual Space Port

ViSP – Virtual Space Port is a creative building strategy game, designed and developed for Virtual Reality. The player constructs a unique space station, manages his resources and defends his structure against approaching enemies. All game mechanics utilize the ability to move freely in VR, encouraging the player to build up complex structures in his own creative way. The intuitive controls allow the player to interact with his construction by moving, rotating and expanding the station in an easily understandable manner. Instead of another fast paced physics simulation, ViSP provides tactical gameplay intended for longer play sessions.

The game was developed by Ngoc Hoang Tran, Sandro Heuberger, Timo Falcke

University: Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

About Ngoc Hoang Tran, Sandro Heuberger and Timo Falcke

We are a team of three students studying Game Design at HTW Berlin. We developed ViSP in a three week experimental game jam during our fourth semester. Our goal with ViSP was to create an entirely new experience unlike anything already existing for the VR market.

We have many upcoming features in our pipeline to expand the game and plan to port ViSP from the HTC Vive to similar VR platforms.