1.-3. July 2020 – Zürich, Switzerland


Ludicious Zurich Game Festival puts the spotlight on new games with a unique voice. We focus on a well curated conference program, on a future-oriented exhibition, and on matchmaking that is spot-on. At the festival, game design, art and business meet – on an international level, the Swiss way.
We love to create welcoming spaces, where veterans and newcomers, who share a passion for game development, business and culture, meet and exchange on eye level.

In short: Ludicious is where creativity, technology and commercial potential come together.



The Ludicious Team



2020 (Ludicious X – online):
Artistic & Program Director: Tobias Kopka
Managing Director: Nina Hodel
Producer: Adriana Garibay
Kommunikation: Fabienne Guldimann

Ludicious X Liveteam:
Livestream: Ron Morrow, Raffael Wyder
Social Media: Victor Vogt
Awards-Editing/Tech: Andri Weidmann

The artwork for LUDICIOUS X:
created and animated by Philipp Stern.



Artistic & Program Director: Tobias Kopka
Managing Director: Michael Reaney
Producer, Awards: Ron Morrow
Kommunikation: Angela Blank
Hospitality: Nicole Wyss
Support: Riccarda Stampa
Sales: Rebecca Graf, Alex Boucher
Volunteers: Jennifer Killham
Info Booth: Lena Frei
Artwork: Philipp Stern


Artistic & Program Director: Tobias Kopka
Managing Director: Michael Reaney
Producer, Awards, Volunteers: Ron Morrow
Kommunikation: Viktor Vogt
Hospitality: Nicole Wyss
Support: Riccarda Stampa
Office: Lukas Tschümperlin
Info Booth: Lena Frei
Artwork: Philipp Stern


Director: Dominik Marosi
Kommunikation: Andrea Allemann
Social Media: Oskar Duberg
Produktion: Valérie Jaccard
Competition & Exhibition: Ron Morrow
General Exhibition: Samuel Vonäsch
Hospitality: Nicole Wyss
Info Booth: Lena Frei
Support: Riccarda Stampa
Finanzen & Office: Lukas Tschümperlin
Matchmaking: Marie Mayoly
Scandinavian Godfather: Vesa Raudasoja


Director: Dominik Marosi
Kommunikation: Andrea Allemann
Produktion: Valérie Jaccard
Competition Manager: Samuel Vonäsch
Exhibition: Samuel Vonäsch
Hospitality: Nicole Wyss
Finanzen & Office: Lukas Tschümperlin
Support: Riccarda Stampa
Matchmaking: Marie Mayoly


Director: Dominik Marosi
Kommunikation: Maike Thies
Competition Manager: Samuel Vonäsch
Call for Projects: Swiss Games 2014/2015: Samuel Vonäsch
Hospitality: Nicole Wyss
Support: Riccarda Stampa
Produktion / Office / Finanzen: Lukas Tschümperlin

President of the Board – Zürich Game Festival

Chris Bergstresser

Chris Bergstresser
President of the Board


For media enquiries and press accreditation please write to



External Press Links

External Press Links

Ludicious X (2020)

The program of Ludicious X was extensively covered by the leading gamesindustry news outlet gamesindustry.biz in 2020:

31. July 2020

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“At Ludicious X, IGDA executive director Renee Gittins talked about keeping communities safe and fighting toxicity in VR”

31. July 2020

gamesindustry.biz: Notes on inspiration from a BAFTA-winning studio

Sarepta Studio’s CEO Catharina Bøhler explores the many ways to find inspiration and stay creative during development

17th July 2020

gamesindustry.biz: How to design better communities

“During Ludicious X, Kitfox Games’ Victoria Tran explained how the right ruleset can lead your community away from toxicity”

13. July 2020

gamesindustry.biz: How to avoid burnout

Indie developer Sos Sosowski shares tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy work/life balance

8. July 2020
gamesindustry.biz: Why the discussion around difficulty is outdated and archaic

“At Ludicious X, ArenaNet’s Jennifer Scheurle offered a roadmap for moving beyond the tired language and debates around difficulty in video games”

5. July 2020

Report: Deutschlandfunk Nova 
Gamefestivals reagieren auf Corona: Online-Shows statt Warteschlangen

02. July 2020

gamesindustry.biz: How to patch out implicit bias from your hiring process

“Speaking at Ludicious X, Celia Hodent suggests avoiding discrimination when recruiting is much like improving a video game”

30. June 2020
Announcement gameswirtschaft.de, Petra Fröhlich

“Games-Entwicklung, Games-Business, Games-Technologie und Games-Kultur – diesen Themen widmet sich das Ludicious Zürich Game Festival 2020. Coronabedingt muss das internationale Branchentreffen in diesem Jahr als reines Online-Format über die Bühne gehen. Das Team rund um Programmdirektor Tobias Kopka hat dennoch ein üppiges Programm auf die Beine stellen können: Referenten führender Studios und Verbände nehmen an Panels und Workshops teil.”

29. June 2020

gamesindustry.biz: Ludicious X to focus on diversity and socially responsible leadership

“Swiss conference moves online this week, with talks from ArenaNet, Jumpship, Kitfox Games and the IGDA”

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