Crimson Company

Crimson Company is a unique duelling card game that combines the depth and fairness of chess with the quickness and accessibility of collectible card games such as Magic: The Gathering. In 15-minute matches, players assemble diverse armies of sellswords, trying to combine their tactical abilities to their advantage and making the most out of their limited coin income. There are three castles in the center of the board segmenting the battlefield into three separate lanes. The player conquering two of those castles wins. The card game has received critical acclaim and was met with lots of enthusiasm in multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns. A digital adaptation is currently in the works.

Crimson Company is designed around competitive play and tournaments. The players’ decisions are what’s in focus for every single match. Both players access the same deck, there’s almost no luck in the game and the game won’t offer any buyable gameplay advantages.

Developer: Crimson Company
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Multiplayer Card Game
Release: 4th quarter of 2020
Platforms: iOS, Android, PC

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Meet the Makers:

The Crimson Company UG was founded in January 2018 by Fabian Fischer and Dario Reinhardt in Munich. It’s their declared goal to enrich the world of strategy games and become an established studio when it comes to competitive play. The founders come with more than 15 years of professional game design experience. At the SPIEL’18 convention in October of 2018 they released their debut title – the unique dueling card game “Crimson Company”. It was received very favorably by critics as well as fans of the genre. A second “Deluxe Edition” as well as two expansions were funded in the following years via several successful Kickstarter campaigns. Currently the founders are working with a team of freelancers to bring the game to digital platforms.