Song of Bloom tells the story of a young person that is hallucinating. It begins as an abstract story, and eventually reveals the thoughts and development of the protagonist. The game is non-linear, and begins from zero, each time the player finishes one of the 18 scenes. These scenes give hints to each other, and build up a complex, tree like structure, that is the center piece of the game. They are shown as a literal tree and serve as some kind of main menu and map. I was trying to design a game that works as if there was no gaming history that eventually led to mobile gaming. I am just trying to tell a story in the best possible way on a smart phone.

Song of Bloom is an intense, narrative experience, designed especially for mobile. It’s 45 minutes of toying around with your phone, discovering new styles, and interactive surprises – A game that exhausts its possibilities to the fullest; Caressing you gently for a second, hitting you straight in the face in the next one. You will see your phone with different eyes.

Developer: kamibox / @kamibox_ph
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Puzzle
Single Player only
Release: 12/18/2019
Platforms: Mobile Phone (iOS), Tablet (iOS)

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Meet the Maker:

«I started making games during my communication design studies, and now this is my full time job. I am making games that are small, indie, and in some way crafted.»