Roundtable: Work culture & work health – in co-op with IGDA Switzerland & Finland

2. February 2019
10:30  -  11:30

Work culture and work health in the games industry has been a hot topic in recent years. For an industry that has tended to be male dominated, ageist, with a work ethic that practically celebrates crunch (overtime), the need to understand and implement inclusive and sustainable work practises is essential for ensuring the long-term health, productivity and creative scope of indie and AAA developers alike. The international line-up of panelists will share their related learnings on a studio and organisational level, and practical steps that can be taken to create workplaces where everybody feels inspired, comfortable and welcome.

Roundtables are meant to be open discussions led by one or two moderators, around a round or square table as a group of equals and peers wondering about the same topic. So it´s not meant to be a talk or panel on stage, but a conversation.