Andreas Suika

Andreas Suika

Andreas recently joined Epic Games as an Unreal Engine Evangelist. In this talk he will discuss the engine’s features, and how Unreal Engine 4 levels the playing field to give everyone the resources needed to learn professional-quality development.

Andreas Suika started his career more than 19 years ago at Blue Byte and worked there in different positions. As Tester, Data Wizard and Level Designer he had the chance to work on products like Battle Isle and Settlers 4. Settlers 5 and Settlers 6 he attended as Lead Game Designer. As Creative Director he worked on ANNO for Wii and DS. Besides the larger projects he had the chance to spend time in research, development methods and smaller games like ANNO for the iPhone. He co-founded the mobile games publisher Flaregames in the role of the Creative Director. In 2013 Andreas begun to freelance as a Consultant, Game- and Level Designer and Creative Director.

In 2014 he founded Daedalic Studio West GmbH with Dirk Steenpaß where they developed the space exploration game THE LONG JOURNEY HOME. He worked as a Scout at Daedalic Entertainment. In 2018 he managed the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom and MAG. Andreas’ games have won awards including the Red Dot Design Award, the TOMMI and several German Game Developer Awards.

Beside his profession he is an avid streamer on


19. January 2018
13:30  -  14:30
2. February 2019
Stage 2
10:00  -  10:30