Martin Filipp

Martin Filipp

Martin Filipp started his game industry career in 2000 at neo Software, which 2003 became Rockstar Vienna. He was part of the team that helped to expand the studio from 20 to 110 employees and served the management in various positions until the closure of the company in 2006. He was then founding member of Games That Matter in the same year, which became Deep Silver Vienna in 2007, introducing a new and innovative production model for game development.

In summer 2010, Martin started a 3-year adventure at Io-Interactive in Denmark working on several HITMAN titles in several positions. After 3 years in Scandinavia Martin received a call from Microsoft Austria to support the local Xbox team with the launch of Xbox One in 2013; starting a new journey on the other side of our industry, at a platform owner and publisher.

After a thrilling and interesting time at Microsoft within the local Austrian Xbox team Martin was called back to the content side of the games industry. Joining former R* colleagues at the Austrian developer Mi’pu’mi Games, returning to the roots of game development, Martin helps the founders to run the organizational part of the studio as COO.

Company: Mi’pu’mi Games


1. February 2019
Alte Kaserne
11:30  -  12:00