3 Nights in Chicago



3 Nights in Chicago is a competitive local multiplayer game for 2 or 4 players where two teams of gangsters attempt to rob the same bank at the same time. Players race to crack open safes, grab the loot, and get it back to their getaway car before the cops show up.

In 1v1 mode, each player must switch back and forth between their two gang members, strategically and efficiently using them to reach and open as many safes as possible. In 2v2 mode, players control one gang member and must communicate and coordinate with each other to beat the other team.

In between heists, players can use the money they’ve collected to upgrade their crew at the black market, giving them an advantage in the next round. But the team who has the most money after a few rounds is the winner, so players will have to spend wisely!

The game was developed by the Clean Sneak Rascals

University: NYU Game Center

About the developers

3 Nights in Chicago was the masters thesis of CS Wallace, Carl Farra, Ben Poland and Angela Lee of the NYU Game Center class of ’16.