Airheart – Tales of broken Wings

Airheart is an action packed airplane game in the world above the clouds. We rejoin Amelia, ten years after the game Cloud Chasers, as she is trying to survive as a fisherwoman in a floating city called Granaria. You have to try to reach the stratosphere to bring down the flying skywhale, but beware as fierce landscapes are stretching out in the skyspace above the city. Go into battle, manage your resources and customise your airplane. Welcome to Amelia’s wild and turmoiled life.

About Blindflug Studios

Blindflug Studios is an independent game studio from Zürich Switzerland. We have been founded in 2014 and have been consistently putting out one own game a year. Our credo is, that we create fascinating games from interesting topics. This means if a game is pure enjoyable fun but has a meaningful core, we call it a Blindflug Game. We are currently working on Airheart, our third game.