Blade of Darkonia

Blade Of Darkonia

The Kingdom of Cycladia is in danger! Dark lord Darchon has invaded and only a true hero can stop him!

Blade of Darkonia is a pixel-art old school action dungeon crawler. In order to defeat the evil that has spread across the land, the player must explore the land of Darkonia and find the 5 pieces of the legendary Blade of Darkonia. The pieces are are scattered in deep dark dungeons and huge keeps.

  • Upgrade your weapons
  • Learn new spells and abilities

  • Clear tens of dungeons, castles and towns of the evil minions which inhabit them.

The game is a mixture of old-school Zelda with Gauntlet. It features procedurally generated dungeons, local split-screen couch co-op, boss fights and many surprises making each playthrough as fun as the one before it.

Platform: PC

About Karios Games: Basd in Switzerland, Karios Games develop and publish small casual mobile games. With Blade of Darkonia, Karios are making a shift to more complex PC and console projects.