Castle Hustle



Castle Hustle is a turn-based local multiplayer game for up to 6 players. The king and his mighty army are on a faraway expedition when magical creatures attack the unprotected castle. It is up to you, a group of peasants, to defend it with all the teamwork skills you can muster.

Pick up everything that is not nailed down, carry it to the catapults and fling it at the approaching giants. But beware of objects flying by and teammates wandering about, or you might get knocked out on the spot. In order to come up with a plan and avoid any mistakes, it is essential to talk to each other and coordinate your actions. The more people are playing, the more frenetic the game gets!

Castle Hustle is a digital board game at heart and great for all from children to adults. It was designed for AirConsole, a browser-based platform that uses smartphones as controllers.

The game was developed by Team Castle Hustle

University: ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts)

About Team Castle Hustle

Team Castle Hustle is a game design collective from Switzerland consisting of Julie Baechtold, Nicolas Matter and Xavier Heimgartner. The three of them met at university where they developed Castle Hustle as a semester project in 2015. They launched the game in February of 2016 as an alpha release on AirConsole.

After graduating the following summer, they were fortunate to participate in a Swedish indie game accelerator program called Stugan. Over the course of two months, they have worked on refining Castle Hustle and bringing it from its alpha state to a final release version.

Julie Baechtold is the artist of the group. Her talents lie in creating awesome characters and bringing them to life through animation. She’s also a skilled digital painter and comic artist.

Nicolas Matter’s passion is sound. Most of his games have a focus on mechanics that make use of original music in some way.

Xavier Heimgartner likes to bury himself under lines of code. He’s passionate about all things Unity and likes to experiment with game mechanics.