Infinite Dust



About Infinite Dust:
Developed for PC, Infinite Dust is a visually stunning first person shooter game set on a distant alien world. The gameplay is an superbly engaging mix of RPG and action. The player’s task is to defend the station, to build a vehicle and spaceship, and to explore the harsh but beautiful territory, with the aim of colonisation. As a player, you take control of a procedural universe, system by system. You will fight against increasingly powerful enemies and complete the quests to discover the secrets of the Infinite Dust universe.

Developer description:
Kiwi Studio is a dynamic young studio in Lausanne based on the collaboration of two creative developer Julien Michel and 3D artist Thierry Gana. Specialising in Motion Design 2D/3D, apps and web development, Kiwi Studio are working towards establishing themselves as a full independent game studio.