Nocturnal Hunt


About Nocturnal Hunt

Nocturnal Hunt is a dark, first-person stealth-game for PC.


An evil cult of hunters captured your cub and dragged it to Brasov – their village. Stalk through a gloomy forest and rip your opponents to pieces. Save your cub and take vengeance or avoid your dangerous enemies by sneaking and luring them.

Get the experience of being a hunter and being hunted at the same time.

The game was developed by: Wolf Pack

University: Games Academy Berlin


The Wolf Pack was created in September 2015 as a students project team. We assembled the team on the basis of who wanted to commit to a workflow andwork attitude of a professional AAA-Production. To achieve that in our limited timeframe of one semester, while at the same time having a full schedule of classes every second week, we had to limit ourselves to a simple and still engaging gameplay, so we could focus on the atmosphere of the game. We presented Nocturnal Hunt at the Quo Vadis 2016 and at AMAZE. We got great feedback on our first semesters result, so we decided with the help of Games Academys excelence programm to add another semester to round up the game, add another level of content and polis a lot. We kept our motivation and focus on developing a unique atmosphere and experience. We presented our final result of Nocturnal Hunt at Gamescom 2016 and launched a steam greenlight campaign at the same time. We got greenlit in short time and got a lot of great response from a growing community. Right now we are preparing our steam release.