Oniri Islands


About Oniri Islands

Oniri Islands is a cooperative adventure game for two players. You play two children lost on a mysterious island, searching for their shadows with the help of animal masks that give them magical powers to survive.

Mina and Tim, the heroes, are two smart toys connected to your tablet. Move them on the screen to explore the fabulous world of Oniri Islands. Oniri Islands is a gender friendly game where toys magically come to life!

The game is for kids from 6 years and up but also adults, families, friends and adventure game lovers.

The game was developed by: Tourmaline Studio

About Tourmaline Studio

Tourmaline is a Geneva based interactive studio crafting new kinds of games. Blending tangible and digital realms. We love human interaction and we believe playfulness is a way to bond. Tourmaline Studio is specialized in hybrid products: connected objects, multi device setups, paper video games.