Orphan Age

Orphan Age


Orphan Age is a dystopian life sim game where you play not as soldiers of war, but as the children left behind. Set against the backdrop of an unforgiving, neon-lit cyberpunk warzone, your only battle is the fight for survival, scraping out a living in the face of extreme danger as war engulfs the world around you. You will guide a band of orphans, each with their own skills, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and fears through a bitter struggle for survival in a dangerous and ever-changing city. Constantly balancing risk and reward, you must make the big decisions to ensure the group stays alive. Build up your base, scavenge, craft and venture out into the city for new recruits, whilst ensuring there are enough supplies to keep going, even when all hope seems lost.

Game Developer: Studio Black Flag

Studio Black Flag is a two men cooperative from Bordeaux, France, who brew games and develop beers.