Shadow Seeker



Consider your house inside a 2*2 Rubik Cube, and right now you’re sitting inside one of eight Rubik Cubes! Now, think about a house where in order to pass every door, you have to rotate your house from a bird view while you are present inside that house. You need to solve a Rubik puzzle with rotate and move mechanics when you want to go to another room!
Shadow Seeker is a story about a character trapped in his memory prison that has a monster in it. The only way to defeat this monster is to solve Rubik’s puzzles and access the character’s dark past.


Game developer: Boomerang Game Studio

Boomerang Game Studio is an independent game development studio that works on some small projects.
After a few freelance casual mobile games, the studio started “Shadow Seeker”, its first hardcore PC innovative game, five months ago.
All of the team members graduated from IGDI (Iran Game Development Institute) and step into game industry from there.