Skywolf plays in a groundless world in which everything floats, humans learned to live and coexist with feathered creatures and created sustainable habitat for themselves, farming, trading and respecting each other… Until everything went wrong. Ferocious flying beasts devastated cities, took away livestock, families, all to satisfy their Mother’s hunger. But one hamlet remained untouched, the Sky Village, home of Larsen Wolf “the flying sailor”, now retired and devoted to his pet chickens. However, peace would not remain for long. One night the beasts came and took Larsen’s chickens to feed them to Mother, and that was the beginning of the end. Larsen found out and stepped up. He returned to the hangar where his old ship was kept and embarked himself on a quest to regain his chickens and establish balance again on the Sky realm.

By Bitten Cookie (DigiPen Bilbao)