Ludicious X

LUDICIOUS X is the digital version of LUDICIOUS – Zürich Game Festival. In 2020 we’ll transform our festival to a digital event which focuses on quality conversations an connections, providing food for thought, hearts and minds. That way you won’t have to miss out on meeting up with us and everyone in the #LudiciousCommunity. LUDICIOUS X takes place from July 1-3, 2020.

Meet and interact with all the attendees on Zoom, Discord and Meet To Match. Get inspired by short talks, lively conversations and quality matchmaking. And let’s not forget our carefully curated LUDICIOUS exhibition with more than 60 projects for you to check out – joined by game creators, publishers and platform holders from around the world, attending LUDICIOUS X from home.



Please note that the timezone all times are referring to is CEST (Central European Summer Time).


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