Weaving Tides

Saddle up your carpet dragons and dive into a magical woven world! Weaving Tides is a charming singleplayer adventure game for PC and Mac. Ride carpet dragons and use their ribbon tail to overcome torn areas, solve textile puzzles and challenge quirky creatures. Experience a big, strange new world full of adventure and secrets. In this world Tass seems to be the only one of his kind – a human. Accompanied by his foster dad he sets out to chase the mysteries of his past. However the world he calls his home is undergoing some dark, unexplained changes and what once lied dormant beneath the weave awakens. Travel through the lands of the silken desert, spun forests and the moth kingdom to investigate the whereabouts of your parents …and eventually unveil long forgotten secrets of the woven world.

Studio: Follow the Feathers / @FollowFeathers
Country of origin: Austria
Genre: Adventure
Single Player only
Release: tba
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (OS X)

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Meet the Makers:


“We are Follow the Feathers, a small independent studio consisting of four people from Vienna, Austria. For the past five years we worked together as a tight-knit team and we founded our studio in early 2018. Previously we developed our games YoKaisho and NIVA, which were honored with various international awards and nominations. We thrive to create family friendly experiences which captivate our players through their curious game mechanics and mesmerizing art style. We are currently working on our studio’s debut title: Weaving Tides.”