Music & Visuals: Dystopian dreamworlds and sonic insomniac daymares by SleepLab, Berlin

2. February 2019
22:30  -  23:30
Stage 2

SleepLab is an electronic music and live audiovisual project and laboratory from Berlin. Interaction designer & demoscene veteran, Thomas Mann (aka pixtur), joins forces with musician & soundtrack composer, Lena Kilkka (aka lucid), to bring you eclectic, cinematic sounds and psychedelic real-time visuals that were spawned in the throes of the nocturnal fusion of classical, rave, HC/punk, demoscene and game design. Many of their featured tracks were composed for and inspired by their freshly released VR bird-flight simulation experience, “Welcome Above”.

With friendly support by Digitale Kultur e.V. (Köln) and Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur (Bern).